Freedom (2018)


Lucia Fodde (vocals/compositions)

Davide Incorvaia (piano/synth)

Giuseppe Bottiglieri (bass)

Jesus Vega (drums)

feat. Regis Molina (alto sax)

Just One of Those Things (2012)

with Lov´n Jazz Quartet

Lucia Fodde (vocals)

Paolo Carrus (piano)

Massimo Tore (bass)

Roberto Migoni (drums)

"Classic, ethereal, and technically brilliant Lucia has such an amazing sense of musicality, and precision. Yet, she makes it seem as effortless as breathing with her warm and inviting delivery. She is simply one of the best. "

Kenny Wesley

Hearing Lucia's jazz interpretations is a beguiling visit to a more charming universe."

Louis Durra

"Lucia's Voice has the perfect timbre to perform the beautiful world of Jazzmusic! Lucia know exactly what the lyrics are and performs it with authentic interpretation and Soul."

Michael Kersting ​   



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