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About 'Harlem Beats' - 2024

"Harlem Beats is a bold sonic exploration, reflecting the experimental vision of artist Lucia Fodde. Embracing the classic repertoire of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn, Fodde injects a breath of fresh innovation into some of jazz's most celebrated classics...."

- Womeninjazzmedia

"The flexibility of Lucia's voice effortlessly adapts to any musical arrangement, traversing complex intervals and unexpected leaps with grace. The impeccable production ensures the distinct presence of each instrument. The album captivates with its original approach, showcasing Lucia's unique journey through jazz, a genre that, despite its century-old roots, continues to resonate with contemporary relevance..."

- System Failure

"After experiencing this outstanding EP, we sense that we've ventured into a realm of intimacy and personal expression. Here, it's not jazz guiding the inspiration, but rather the complete opposite: Lucia seems to have discovered a language through which she can naturally and authentically convey her artistry." - Ondeindiependenti

About 'Traces of You' / 'Dentro Questo Vento'- 2022

"Fodde has become a skilled songwriter. In her third album, she blends fivecatchy originals with the classic 'No One Knows Me But You,' which stands out.

- She revitalizes 'That Old Feeling' more expressively than Chet Baker."

- Jazz Journal

"Her virtuosity is respectful of the talented collaborators around her, all capable of musically underlining even a well-written piece, madeup of languid moments of reflection mixed with others where Berlin'shumidity penetrates even the caliente soul. A great display of vocal technique and virtuosity in this album with compositions that blend beautiful jazz and traditional Brazilian, offering incredible emotions in music." - Musicalnews

“Dentro questo vento” is an excellent fusion of singer-songwriter and jazz, which we expect to appreciate even more in the upcoming album. 'Traces of you' by Lucia Fodde: the story of jazz, made of pure poetry."

- Persemprenews

"Here we have a memorable voice worthy of the most acclaimed and captivating female singers. Lucia Fodde delivers high-quality music, refined Italian lyrics full of poetry, as seen in 'Dentro questo vento,' a very sophisticated jazz piece—exactly what Italian music needs today. A memorable voice worthy of the most acclaimed and captivating female singers. Lucia Fodde offers high-quality music with refined Italian lyrics full of poetry—a sophisticated jazz, precisely what Italian music needs today. Ten tracks that we listened to from start to finish, thanks to the masterful arrangement, impeccable execution by the musicians, and, above all, the divine voice of the singer that rivals the most famous icons of the past.” - Audiofollia

Lucia Fodde (Vocalist, Composer, Producer)

Lucia Fodde, born in Sardinia, After a fulfilling musical career leading jazz projects on her island, she decided to move to Berlin in 2013, driven by personal and artistic needs in search of new stimuli to enhance her skills as a songwriter and vocalist. In Berlin, she quickly became part of the local jazz scene, performing not only in Berlin's premier jazz clubs but also across Germany and internationally.

Lucia pursued a Jazz course at the prestigious Conservatorio 'P. Luigi da Palestrina' in Cagliari, earning a diploma in "Vocal Jazz." Over the years, she has participated in masterclasses with luminaries such as Sheila Jordan and Rachel Gould, among others.

To date, Lucia has graced the stages of numerous prominent venues and festivals worldwide, winning the SummerJazz Festival 2023 in Pinneberg with her ensemble comprising Yuriy Seredin on piano, Giacomo Tagliavia on bass, and Jesus Vega on drums.

Throughout her career, Lucia has produced several successful albums and singles, including "Just One of Those Things - A Tribute To Cole Porter" with the Lov'n Jazz Quartet of Cagliari (Paolo Carrus on piano, Massimo Tore on bass, Roberto Migoni on drums), "Freedom" (with Davide Incorvaia on piano, Peppe Bottiglieri on bass, Jesus Vega on drums, Regis Molina on sax), the singles "Colors" (her first collaboration with Loomis Connell Green guitar/arrangements and Carmelo Leotta on bass) and

"Inútil Paisagem," featuring Davide Incorvaia (piano synth). In 2022 she released the single "Dentro Questo Vento" that anticipated the album "Traces of You" (with Davide Incorvaia on piano, Carmelo Leotta on bass, Jesus Vega on drums), and her latest album "Harlem Beats," released in January 2024 by Timezone Records. The album was recorded at UFO Sound Studios in Berlin with her electric quintet (featuring Davide Incorvaia on piano/synth, Francesco Beccaro on bass, Aidan Keith Lowe on drums, Greg Ambroisine on trumpet), and it was preceded by the release of two singles, "Mood Indigo" and "Duke Ellington's Sound of Love."

Lucia was honored by the international magazine "All About Jazz" with the following awards:
Song of the Day Sep. 2022 - Atras da Porta

(Album Traces of You)
Song of the Day Oct. 2022 - Dentro Questo Vento

(Album Traces of You)
Song of the Day Jan. 2024 - Mood Indigo

(Album Harlem Beats)

Top 10 Songs Oct. 2022 - Dentro Questo Vento (Album Traces of You)
Top 10 Songs 2022 - Atras da porta (Album Traces of You)
Top 10 Songs Jan. 2024 - Mood Indigo (Album Harlem Beats)

(Press Office: Stefania Vaghi Comunicazione)

Photo credits:  David Beecroft Photography

Testimonials about Lucia Fodde

"Lucia is among Italian jazz artists blending contemporary and traditional rhythms with innovative melodies and harmonies. Known for her rhythmic sense, melodic sensitivity, and scat singing." - "Mixing traditional, contemporary, and Brazilian jazz forms with lyrics in Italian, English, and Portuguese, all performed with seemingly effortless virtuosity, Lucia Fodde delivers a unique and emotionally satisfying musical experience." - (James Reynolds)

"With a sensual and unforgettable voice, much like the island of her birth, Lucia possesses an incredible sense of musicality and precision. Her performances have a captivating quality that leaves you wanting more. Her intricate improvisations, however, feel as natural as breathing, and her execution is always warm and personal." - (Kenny Wesley)

"Then you taste the unique range offered by Sardinian singer-songwriter, producer, and jazz singer Lucia Fodde and her special musical intuition for the audience. Her deep and warm jazz voice dots the 'i' like an icon." - (

Lady Sings the Blues

'Lady sings the blues' - A tribute to Billie Holiday,

is one of Lucia Fodde's most cherished projects, which she has been bringing to the scene for more than 10 years, in Italy and abroad.

The hinge on which the musical project revolves, is the autobiography of the famous African American jazz singer and songwriter Billie Holiday, through which Lucia recounts in music her troubled life and musical journey.

Line up:

Lucia Fodde, voice

Reggie Moore, piano

Carmelo Leotta, bass

Michael Kersting, drums


A tribute to one who is considered the greatest Brazilian singer of all time Elis Regina.

Line up:

Lucia Fodde, voice

Eren Solak, piano

Trigo Santana, bass

Jununho Ibituruna / Ney Victor, drums

Straight No Chaser

'Straight No Chaser' is a tribute to the genius of Thelonious Monk, project that Lucia brought to the stage years before the pandemic and is looking forward to reviving.

Lucia is inspired by the album by Afro-American vocalist Carmen McRae, who in 1990 recorded the album 'Carmen sings Monk,' with lyrics to some of the songs written by Jon Hendricks. A tribute to Monk's work and Carmen McRae's superb vocal expression and interpretation.

Line up:

Lucia Fodde, voice

Reggie Moore, piano

Carmelo Leotta, bass

MIchael Kersting, drums

Harlem Beats (2024) TIMEZONE RECORDS

Lucia Fodde (vocals)

Davide Incorvaia (piano/synth)

Francesco Beccaro (bass)

Aidan Lowe (drums)

Greg Ambroisine (trumpet)

Traces of you (2022)

Lucia Fodde (vocals/compositions)

Davide Incorvaia (piano)

Carmelo Leotta (bass)

Jesus Vega (drums)

Freedom (2018)

Lucia Fodde (vocals/compositions)

Davide Incorvaia (piano/synth)

Giuseppe Bottiglieri (bass)

Jesus Vega (drums)

Regis Molina (sax)

Just one of those things (2012)

Lucia Fodde (vocals)

Paolo Carrus (piano)

Massimo Tore (bass)

Roberto Migoni (drums)

Pic by Bernd Kumar

Lucia Fodde

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